Frequently Asked Questions


Why rent from us?
We are the experts with over 20 years experience in inflatable rental. All of our units are inspected by a state certified amusement inspector and thoroughly inspected and cleaned between rentals. Furthermore, our pricing is the best in the industry. Finally, no other company offers the product line that includes officially licensed characters.

What about weather?
You may cancel your reservation by noon the day before pickup and receive a full refund or credit (your choice) if weather is questionable.

Can we take the unit to a location that is not a home?
Unfortunately not. There are several laws regarding amusements in public places and most parks require the amusement to be open to the public. This program was developed for home parties only for your family and friends.

How much electricity is required?
Our blowers are designed to work on ordinary household outlets that are 15 amps. We even provide you with an extension cord.